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Mister Mixmania is a promotion and support provider for artists from the fields of deep house, dance music, electronic, chill out, nu disco, indie dance and funky house music. We present the top 50 music charts from deephouse and EDM music.

We run our audiovisual music channel and blog on YouTube, which was founded in 2018 by dedicated, dynamic and innovative people who have come together to present selected artists and music visually and in an interesting way.

Musical artists in the fields of Deep House, Dance, Pop to Nu Disco have the opportunity to present their works. But we also want to provide a platform for photographers and video producers. The fusion of music, pictures, videos and visual effects is the distinguishing feature of Mister Mixmania.


Lately we have expanded Mister Mixmania and moved to an interesting place. In the heart of Germany, a music Cummunity is being created, which apart from the mainstream will provide a common platform for many artists.

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 9. Juli 2019 ( erstellt am 9. Juli 2019 )


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