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Mit “Wrong Answers Only” hat Mike Skinner aka The Streets jetzt einen neuen Song samt Video veröffentlicht. Der Track entstand gemeinsam mit dem in South London ansässigen Rapper und Sänger Master Peace. Über “Wrong Answers Only” sagen die beiden:

“Working with Mike brought out a new avenue of my lyricism that I haven’t previously explored. He taught me a lot and I feel like that’s reflected in my verse, it touches on elements of fun, realisation of friendships and enemies and the aftermath of how you feel about those scenarios”.

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Mike erklärt: “been playing bits of this song for a very long time and it gets a reload without anyone knowing it. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not so just enjoy 2022 and try to get to see your relatives overseas. But we’re not always wandering round Plymouth with stragglers and bottles, I also like boxing in virtual reality”.

The Streets – Wrong Answers Only ft. Master Peace
The Streets - Wrong Answers Only ft. Master Peace




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