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« From beatmaker to sound
engineer and artist producer
ALM is a music activist »

ALM, born Adrien Lammoglia, is a music producer and audio mastering engineer from Montpellier, France. Early on, he started writing and

composing but his career really began in 2008. After several self-produced projects, ALM opened his first production studio in 2012 in Avignon.

ALM specialized in mastering and opened a dedicated studio in 2014 in Tours. It is in this city that his indie label ALM Productions was born. It facilitated the release of several rap and reggae. In 2016, ALM moved definitely to Montpellier with a brand new mastering studio, an enriched label, and the ambition to develop an international career. Subsequently, he released the international compilation “Above The Clouds” in 2017 gathering twenty artists from all continents.
2018 was the most productive year for the music producer.
In just one year he released the EP “Beauty For Freedom” featuring five rising artists from the international RnB and Hip-Hop scene, a Maxi Single of deep house remixes of the rap single “Twerk” produced in 2016 with Vaskez Malakay, the mixtape “Tha World Tape” mixed by DJ BigMat with sixteen emcees from around the world and finally the 5th volume of his famous beat tape “Free Instrumentals” released for Christmas.

From “Voyage à l’Ancienne Orléans” released in 2010 to “Free Instrumen tals Volume 5”, ALM has produced more than 10 Hip Hop / Rap albums.

Thanks to his experience last summer with the Deep House remix “Twerk”, ALM is now exploring new dance-oriented vibes. 2019 will be the year of new single releases debuting with the new Afro House production “Dance Along the Line”, featuring the Cameroonian rising star Wonsville and the summer latin hit “Le Canto” featuring the barcelonese duo Sofree and Luzmira Zerpa.

Le Canto ft. Sofree & Luzmira Zerpa (07/2019) - Latin Electro Pop
A summer hit mixing latin, world music and house sounds in collaboration with the Barcelona-based duo Sofree and the Venezuelan singer Luzmira Zerpa.
The single reached the top 100 of dance-charts.de, and has been featured in more than 20 blogs, Spotify and radio playlists.

Many songs produced by ALM have been featured in compilations.
2019 :
- DJ Dzverbass - Party Beats 2019 (the Next Generation House Music)
- Alternative Summer 2019 (Alterna Sounds)
- DJ Charts Tropical Latin Party 2019 (IH Music Productions)
- Best Charts Moombahton 2019 (IH Music Productions)
2018 :
- Deep Shanghai, Vol. 3 (Deep House Amigo (D etroit))
- The Lounge Soft House of Kitzbühl (Ibiza Lounge Records)
- Deep Winter (INSTANT)
- Blind Night (Hornet Music)
- Ibiza Closing Sounds (Eivissa Recordings (Spain))
- Housegemacht: House for the Sophisticated Party Crowd (House Place Records)
- Deep House Pool, Vol.5 (Baccari Music)
- Lieblingsmusik 06 (Wald Und Wiese)
- #Dance & Trance 2018, Vol. 2 (TB Music)
- New Jack Swing (House Place Records)
- Deep Vibes Best of House Music, Vol.2 (Discosonic)
- Happy Hours 3 (Eastern Disco)
- Ibiza Sunset Dance Grooves (Flesh Recordings)
- Electro Swing Dance Session (Gaathy Recordings)
- Reggae Vibes 2018, Vol. 2 (Peace Tunes)
- Hours of Chillout (Chilling Grooves Music)
2017 :
- Caribbean Reggae Sensation (Get Reggae Records)
- Chillout Conference 2017 (Chilling Grooves Music)
- Chillout Listeners (Chilling Grooves Music)
- Drive & Chill, Vol. 1 (Chilling Grooves Music)
- Electro Swing Dance Session (Gaathy Recordings)
- Get Reggae on the Beach, Vol. 1 (Get Reggae Records)
- Hottest Electro Swing (Minli Music New York)
- Mother’s Day Chilling Breakfast (Club Femme Music)
- Mother’s Day with Love Lounge Rhythm (Baccara Music)
- Perfect Lounge Afternoon, Vol. 1 (Salon De Lounge)
- Sea, Sand & Chillout, Vol. 1 (Chilling Grooves Music)
- Street Hop & Dance (Dedust Black)
2016 :
- Nu Reggae(ton) Legends, Vol. 1 (Get Reggae Records)
- Europe Rappershill, Vol. 1 (Choooose Records - New York)

Gigs, Live shows
2019 :
07/06 - Hip Hop Vibes by ALM feat. Lindsay au Marion-Nous, Avignon (84)
11/03 - Reggae Pop Vibes by ALM & Linza au Peacock Bar, Montpellier (34)
18/04 - Old School vibes by ALM au Cafe Ciné, Montpellier (34)
09/03 - Hip Hop Vibes by ALM & Guests concert privé, Montpellier (34)
22/02 - Neo Soul vibes by ALM & Ennexy au Marion-Nous, Avignon (84)
16/02 - Verseau Party and Friends #1 au Le Montpe’L, Montpellier (34)
26/12 - Neo Soul Vibes by ALM feat. Ennexy & Guest au Peacock Bar, Montpellier (34)

2018 :
08/12 - ALM & Lindsay - Soirée live hip hop au Peacock Bar, Montpellier (34)
12/10 - ALM & Guests à La Taverne du Perroquer, Montpellier (34)
29/09 - Release Party Tha World Tape au Black Out, Montpellier (34)
13/09 - Toast Me Show #2, Asso Lüst, à El Barillos Montpellier (34)
03/07- Soirée du personnel de l’Université Paul valéry, Montpellier (34)
24/06 - Inauguration de la rue Faubourg du Courreau By Banana Colors, Montpellier (34)
21/06 - Fête de la Musique, place de la Babotte, Montpellier (34)
16/06 - ALM & Guests à la Taverne du Perroquet, Montpellier (34)
26/05 - ALM ft Noür. Tumult Festival : Le bruit de la ville, Lyon (69)
03/05 - Groovy night au black Out, Montpellier (34)
29/03 - House of Art au Montp’l, Montpellier (34)
21/03 - Release party Beauty for Freedom EP à la Taverne du Perroquet, Montpellier (34)

24/06 - Ol’Dirty Groove Radio Show #2 by Radio Campus. Montpellier (34)
24/03 - Release Party Above the Clouds Compilation - ODB - Free, au Ol’ Dirty Bar , Montpellier 34)

23/07 - Soirée ALM Productions à l’Electrode - Miramas (13)
16/07 - Festival off d’Avignon - Théâtre du Centre (84)
08/07 - Festival Terre du son - Monts (37)
25/06 - Festival le Rendez-vous des artistes - Mézières en Drouais (28)
21/06 - Fête de la musique du château de Chambord (45)
18/06 - Soirée spéciale Matière première au Citizen - Tours (37)
17/06 - Première partie de MZ – Temps machine à Tours (37)
23/01 - Showcase au bar Le Detroit - Tours (37)
03/10 - RAVE TEK E7 - Forêt de Fontainebleau (77)
19/09 - Plateau real hip hop de la DZ School - Le Buzz de Belleville, Paris (75)
15/08 - Open Mic Évènement - quai de Bercy Paris (75)
09/08 - Open Mic Évènement - quai de Bercy Paris (75)
01/08 - Disco rave 77 organisé par Deviant Disco et Tek E7 - Fontainebleau (77)

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