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My name is Alexander Bagdahn and I’m a 25 years old musician & producer named Areo from Hannover/Germany.
In general, I’m a banker who is currently studying economic sciences at Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University here in Hannover. Working as a music producer is my Nine-to-Five job; from nine’ in the evening until five’ in the morning.

With my compositions my goal is to emphasis, uplift, move and surprise the ears & emotions of my audience.

But what kind of music do I compose? Well, I’m not a big fan of thinking inside the box by categorizing music into genres, in general it isn’t that easy to cut the corners between two specific subgenres and to fully determine a song into one specific box due to the complexity of each song out there. To get an idea of what I create, first and foremost listen to my music :)
I’d say that my songs are modern soundscapes reaching from house to urban up to future influenced pop. It all started two years ago with another artist project where I created 4 to the floor type of electronic music. During this time I was able to get my first experiences with signing and record labels in general. It was such a blast to sign a record deal with an indie label and a great start to experience the life and beauty of being an artist. After three record deals I started to work with vocals most of the time. This experiences lead me into pop music in general and that’s where I’d like to keep myself while creating songs. I’m feeling more and more comfortable in working with singer/songwriters so my inspiration is drifting towards gems with toplines. My debut single Blue Memories represents this change in musical direction, I hope you guys like this tune! Was such fun to work on this song and I’m happy to be able to share it with the world now.
Moreover I’d like to take this opportunity to reveal that I’ve finished a brand new urban pop single named „Embody“, featuring a promising singer/rapper named WWJWW. I've been working on this gem for quiete a while, my goal was to achieve a record with a remarkable rhythm full of vintage warmth that complements the melodic topline in an adequate way. A guitar in the chorus spices things up as well. I’m absolutely stoked of the end result and look forward to this release! :) I do not think that the journey of shaping an own sound will ever end and I hope that I’m able to develop as an artist as long as possible.. in case you’re interested to take this journey with me, fellow reader, feel free to follow me on my socials! ☺️

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» https://soundcloud.com/alex-ba-9
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