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CAROLINE is a breath of fresh air. Her soaring vocals, relatable songwriting, and inspiring image is what today needs. CAROLINE is a teen pop singer based in Los Angeles with Southern roots in North Carolina. CAROLINE has been singing, writing songs, and performing her whole life! CAROLINE has also managed an impressive combined 65 million views. However, her originals have been flourishing with her two singles "I Know Better" and "Already There" both reaching over 3M streams and worldwide attention from press + radio.

"Already There" is currently going viral on Tik Tok with over 100M views. Her songs “On & Off,” “We Should Break-Up” and “Simple” each have over 1M streams. “Simple” was also placed on multiple Spotify editorial playlists! Right now she is detailing a toxic relationship as she gets ready to unveil her debut concept album that is truly art!

CAROLINE has a strong relationship with her “CAROLINE Army.” CAROLINE’s fanbase is extremely devoted and engaged as CAROLINE is one of them! A teenage girl talking to other teenage girls about real issues and life! CAROLINE is extremely passionate about teen suicide which is at an all-time high, she speaks about it constantly and helps teens who are dealing with dark thoughts.


CAROLINE encourages her peers to be positive, kind, and strong! She is the classic all-American girl next door, however, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and be a strong, confident alpha female with purpose. CAROLINE is the voice of this generation.

Carolines Music

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