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JCELL & UTTER are Joacim and Henrik, both 21 years old and lives in beautiful Stockholm.

We mainly produce Deep House music. It is funny because both of us are not a big fan of that kind of genre. But we like the idea to develop the music to something new. That’s why we don’t focus on any type of genre, the only thing we care about is making chill music that is simple and good.

Music is a big part of our lives for both of us and we both love playing the piano. Trying different chords and basses helps us making our sound more unique and fun. We have never been to a music school, instead, we are self-taught and teaching ourselves something new every day, which help us to make our own unique sound. Otherwise, we like to do hang out with friends and inspire people with our music. And what else do we like? Well…. we love dogs.

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Written by Gösta

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