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Where do you live and work?
Both Erlangen, Bavaria - but I am originally from Coburg

When did you start making music, publishing and /or play live?
I started producing in the early teenage years. The I took my first steps with Musicmaker and various entry-level Programs before finally reaching Reason (at that time still in version 1.1, which I borrowed from a friend) changed - which I am still today as before work. Live performances were never in the foreground.

What was the key event that moved you to do that?To start making music?

I have always felt the need to make music. Unfortunately I never had that Patience and perseverance to learn an analog instrument. When I become virtual Studios discovered for me, I could my "drive" run wild.

How would you describe your sound?
Since I experiment a lot with sounds and rhythms, it's hard "Mine Sound "to describe. I am always in change and change constant. At the moment I am very ambitious in dub and deep house. Ambience-breathed on dance music -to dream I would almost say;)

What are your influences?
Like my music, that also changes regularly. But musicians, like Paul Kalkbrenner, Dominik Eulberg, Aphex Twin have been on my way for a long time. For harder sounds also like Sven Väth or Chris Liebing

Which of your concerts are worth mentioning?
Because I mostly stand in the background and focus on producing and designing concentrate new sounds, so it's difficult to name here by name.

What are you working on right now (tour, recording, cooperation with others Musicians etc.)?
Currently I'm working on a heart project called SVEN. Which I use to experimental sounds and beats. Everyone who has an interest in it can listen to Facebook and make yourself a picture of it.

In what other projects are you currently involved (a radio program, organization of events etc.)?
We are currently working as a team to build up our two labels Moonshades and KatzenMusik. In addition, we are planning a series of events (MOONSESSIONS) Regional as well as national. Here we are actively looking for partners and cooperations.

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