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NOTFUNK is a new italian musical project based in Linz (Austria), composed by Erica and Tiziano Cappiello. In the last 2 years they released 4 singles with the austrian label Pulsetone Recordings. Their sound starts from classical House Music with Pop and Synthwave influences. The word "Notfunk" from german means "Emergency Radio".
In 2019 they released “On My Own” and “Singing In The Rain”.

“Cuéntame Algo” is the title of their new song. It has a really summer taste: guitar and marimba riffs give the right soft chill mood to the song. The text is partly in English and partly in Spanish. Song and drop melody are very catchy.

» https://www.instagram.com/notfunkmusic/
» https://www.facebook.com/notfunkmusic/
» https://soundcloud.com/notfunkmusic
» https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr3jD2pF9gxJZghdgGa5U3g
» https://twitter.com/notfunkmusic

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