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Who am i? 31 years old, born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Grew up with all kinds of music around me, but mainly listened to and made HipHop music. However after several years i realized that i don't fit in the HipHop scene, took a small break and came back to the music scene inspired and motivated to do what i love. I always loved music that tells me a story, music that provokes emotions and immerses you into a new world. That's how Sharmystic was born. Sharmystic is a energy, a life force, it helps and motivates people to do and fight for what they love.

So who is Sharmystic?

It starts with
An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.
Sharmystic, the power he always wanted to hold, but was never able to achieve.
Created not to do the things he missed, but to do the things that he wished.
Mystical and euphoric—an escape from reality. A force known for its way of using melody and sound, to spread happiness, joy, and magic.

For those
Who truly have…
Who truly deserve and who truly are worth.
For those who are waiting for a spark,
to instill more joy in whoever they meet.
For those who believe in magic “everywhere they go”

It's time
To start the journey
The best journey is within music.
Not everything is good.
But there is something good in everything.
You must always keep faith.

It never ends
Passion never dies.
It grows stronger every day.

Sharmystic Music

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Written by Gösta

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