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It was a dream since childhood.

Slowly but surely, we found the way to show our inside world. Love and devotion to music supported us everywhere. Russian soul and worldwide influence formed an approach to composing.

YesNoBlow is like a human being with controversy, doubt, motivation, hope. Every word of our name has its own sense and will take place in music.

Our project is based on different styles like house/ pop/ EDM. But no matter what genre we represent, the essential part of it will always be motion, atmosphere and emotional impact.

Stay tuned and get ready for something special. It’s just the beginning.

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» https://instagram.com/yesnoblow
» https://soundcloud.com/ynb-yesnoblow
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» https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOYB1wFtJEXSZ5gqhqLTbrA
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Written by Gösta

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