Helga Arvesten will scratch your core and pull on your heart with her unique music.
Born in Sweden, she spent most of her childhood and youth traveling the world and lived in various places (Sri Lanka, South Africa, Laos, USA). During these years of development, Helga discovered the power to express herself through art and music and found a lot of inspiration in her idols (David Bowie, Frida Kahlo).
The music paved the way for Helga to fight against insecurities, anxiety and rootlessness. She gave her the basis to stay healthy in case of restlessness.
On her right side of the ribs, Helga had a quote from one of her love limbs killed: “All the knives seem to tear your brain apart, I have had my share, I will help you with the pain, you are not alone.” ~ David Bowie ~ Rock ‘n ́Roll suicide.

Her music, just like her art, gives insider insights into her life. She wants to arouse emotions in the listeners / viewers in a targeted manner and with a lot of complexity. Helga thrives on the idea that everything she does must come from an honest place. She sees this as the only way to change someone…. just for a moment or maybe permanently.

Currently, the songwriter / singer / producer lives in Stockholm (Sweden). From there, she conjures up new material and new sounds.


“2017: The single by Swedish singer Helga Arvesten with high talent will haunt you after the first listen…”

“Indie artist and the musical wonder of Stockholm, Sweden HELGA ARVESTEN has released the first of three fabulous, super-shiny, new wave-bent electronic-pop singles. Helga Arvesten, an ever-giving, angelic vocal aura …
The first of these, “Don’t Speak,” sparkles with scratch marks of pain and an ever-indulgent, angelic vocal aura that almost erupts into a cloud of shiny zirconium showers. “


“With her unique approach to classical vocal style, clear musical lines and emotional lyrics, Helga Arvesten is likely to be one of the breakout indie stars of 2018

“Helga Arvesten from Stockholm, Sweden, combines her uniquely effective vocal presence with atmospheric pop songwriting, reaching majestic heights similar to Adele in some places.

The hypnotic effect of the piano increases along with the beats in the percussion and at 02:12 an entry by Kate Bush-like, string-laden emotions.

It is a powerful build-up for a strong track and exemplary of Arvesten’s presence.”

“Helga Arvesten is a Stockholm-based singer whose unique voice and intense artistic approach deserves comparisons with artists like Kate Bush and Björk.”





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Helga Arvesten - Carved Skin [Electronic Dance Pop Music]

Helga Arvesten – Carved Skin [Electronic Dance Pop Music]