Emism is a new artist who comes from the electronic genre.
He woke up in Sydney, Australia. About 9 years ago, he packed his bags for a short stay in New York and lost his passport. In the meantime, he calls Brooklyn his home.
In April last year, he released his first debut single Paros – a mix of chopped vocals and bright synthesizers that is on Martin Garrix’s radio and one of his personal favorites.

Since he doesn’t stick to the genre “playbook,” he sees his process more as a journey. Emism is guided by the moments. He combines house, electronic, pop and nu-disco with the singles Ghost and Amnesia.
His journey continues with his debut 4 track EP NEON, which was released on July 4th. His new single > will be released next month Naxos < with Lola Rhodes



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EMISM - Antiparos [Electronic Dance Pop Music]

EMISM – Antiparos [Electronic Dance Pop Music]